Launching A bunch Of Front-End Challenges On Gumroad

Never run out of coding ideas, ever again.

Hey! Indrek here. Hope this is a good time to reach you.

Ever had the urge to code, but had no inspiration or simply lacking the coding ideas?

I got you covered! I’m happy to launch today the “50 Front-End Challenges By Indrek Lasn” directory on Gumroad.

I don’t launch stuff too often, but when I do, I make sure it’s worth your time.

The Airtable directory includes 50 Challenges you can start solving today. It’s up for grabs at just $10.

Get lifetime access here for just $10

Never run out of coding ideas, ever again. Get access here to a bunch of front-end challenges by me.

P.S: There are currently 50 challenges in the Airtable database. I’m adding 50 more soon. If you purchase the 50 ideas today, you’ll get the rest of the 50 ideas for free later. Stay tuned!

Stay awesome!